LONGi METER digital factory construction project successfully passed the acceptance

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On March 11, the Development and Reform Commission of the Autonomous Region, together with relevant units and invited industry experts, formed a project completion acceptance committee to conduct completion acceptance of the project "Construction of Smart Energy Metering Instrument Digital Factory" of Longi meter Co., Ltd. After listening to the company's report on project implementation, inspecting the project site, reviewing project materials, and conducting inquiries and discussions, the completion acceptance committee believed that the project implementation had achieved remarkable results and unanimously agreed that the project passed the completion acceptance.



The digital factory of smart energy metering instruments built by LONGi Meter includes the entire life cycle of R&D, manufacturing, operation and maintenance of smart energy metering instruments, and builds a digital factory architecture from the equipment level to the decision-making level. Through research and development, upgrading and application of more than 20 kinds of intelligent manufacturing technology equipment and intelligent testing equipment suitable for intelligent energy metering instruments, 2 automatic patch, plug-in, assembly production lines and 1 automatic testing line have been built, and the intelligent equipment interconnection platform has been applied and realized equipment interconnection; Deployed PLM, ERP, MES and other application systems, and completed the construction and integration of application systems for the entire business process from design to after-sales service. A digital factory of smart energy metering instruments with fine management, agile manufacturing, and flexible production has been built.



During the implementation of the project, it won 1 autonomous region science and technology progress award, participated in the formulation of 2 national standards and 2 group standards, authorized 10 invention patents, 21 utility model patents, obtained 10 software copyrights, registered 5 scientific and technological achievements, and identified new products 4 items. The company has been recognized as a national key specialization and special new "little giant" enterprise, and the enterprise laboratory has passed the CNAS accreditation.



The in-depth exploration and application of the "Digital Factory Construction of Smart Energy Metering Instruments" project in intelligent equipment, industrial software applications, big data and other advanced technologies has improved the level of intelligent manufacturing of smart energy metering instruments and promoted the digital intelligence of manufacturing equipment for smart energy metering instruments. The level of modernization has reduced labor intensity and improved the working environment. A group of professional and technical personnel for intelligent manufacturing has been trained, which has played a role as a benchmark in the industry.


2023年2月23日 15:28