African Power & Energy Exhibition Shown in South Africa

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On May 14th  to 16th, 2023, the annual South African Power & Energy Exhibition opened at the Cape Town International Convention Center. A complete series of energy metering products and AMI intelligent prepaid system solutions from LONGI METER were shown out during the exhibition.



South Africa Power & Energy exhibition is the largest and most professional power energy event in Africa. The 2023 exhibition covers power generation equipment and technology, transmission and distribution, power system automation and new energy, renewable energy and other fields. The exhibition invited more than 260 exhibitors to participate, on the first day of the exhibition, more than 6,000 professional participates visited the exhibition hall.



During the exhibition, a variety of customers from different countries were attracted to LONGI METER booth for consultation and negotiation. Our people maintain a high degree of enthusiasm to communicate with customers, introduce the company's situation to customers, analyze product advantages, open up information channels for customers to understand LONGI METER, and provide support to the company to continue exploring overseas markets in the next step.

Since the successful development of China's first electronic energy meter, LONGI METER has always focused on the production and research and development of products in the field of energy measurement, energy management and clean energy applications. The development history of the company's meters has gone through the development process from "mechanical" to "electronic and intelligent". Up to now,LONGI METER has gradually grown into a national high-tech enterprise recognized by customers and well-known in the industry, the level of intelligent manufacturing tends to lead the industry, and the product marketing network more and more dense, which has covered many countries and regions around the world.

In the future, LONGI METER will forge ahead, continue to refine technology, unite industry forces, and focus on market demand at home and abroad. The products of LONGI METER will be known and used by more people, the footprint of LONGI METER will "light up" more cities and move towards to a broader market!

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