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On September 23, 2023, during the Sixth China-Arab States Expo, President of the National Assembly of the Comoros Mr. Mustana Abdo, Minister of Economy, Industry, Investment and Economic Integration of Camoros Mr. Bazi, and Ambassador Mr. Maulana Cherif visited LONGI METER. Wang Heshan, the Vice Chairman of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region CPPCC, Bai Yuzhen, the Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Autonomous Region Party Committee, and Xu Yonghao, the Vice Chairman of Yinchuan CPPCC, accompanied the visit.



The delegation mainly visited LONGI METER Exhibition Hall and workshop. After listening to the company introduction, the delegation highly praised companys smart management solutions, intelligent production level, innovative research and development capabilities. The two sides mainly exchanged opinions on LONGI METER overseas development.



During the visit, a number of customerised products for Comoros Market were in the production process , and the delegation had a detailed understanding of the product technical specification, application, anti-tamper level, intelligent etc., praised the product intelligent management solution, and expressed the willingness to in-depth cooperation.



LONGI METER attaches great importance to the development and cooperation of overseas markets. In recent years, LONGI METER has adopted the method of "Customerised metering solutions for different customers" to help the local utility solve a series of problems such as high line loss, serious tamper, difficulty in charging, and multiple sets of management systems with high quality, which has been greatly recognized by customers.

At present, LONGI METER overseas market scale to maintain a stable growth.



Under the guidance of the national "Belt and Road" initiative, with the help of the open platform of the China-Arab States Expo and the opportunity of the visit of the Ambassador of the Comoros National Assembly to the company, LONGI METER will continue to explore overseas potential customers, maintain good cooperative relations with customers, continuously exploring in the field of smart energy management.

2023年12月6日 10:53